Weddings from table displays to helium spiral arches, balloon displays are designed to individual requirements to transform receptions and celebrations. Ask about our walk through hearts and marquee displays.

Parties and special occasions, balloon drops, floor standing helium displays and Champagne bottle sculptures, characters and images created in freestyle and frameworks for impact and effect.

Special Effects exploding balloons, the ultimate balloon special effect created with the use of pyrotechnics. Giant balloons are filled with mini balloons, flutter fetti, metallic confetti and detonated to give the 'wow' factor to your event.

Create a sensation with a special effects Cannon firing anything from Flutter and Streamers to T-shirts and other products.

Product Launch, printed foil and latex balloons are increasingly being used to launch products from fashion to cars. In fact, anywhere that requires your message to be conveyed in a professional manner. Balloon walls incorporating a company name and logo can also be created. A great way to promote your company name and product.

Balloon Releases, mass balloons helium filled and released outdoors. Used as balloon races with a label attached for fund raising or for product launches and publicity stunts also in celebration of a marriage.


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